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Group review for Love, Simon; directed by Greg Berlanti. ★★★★☆ 4.1 star rating.

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Spoiler Level: none

Very positive and great humor. I particularly like how they handled every time Simon thinks he found Blue and filmed out his imagination, added a bit mystery to the movie.

I didn’t think it was deep enough (but I don’t blame them, just too much stuff for too little time).

Very nice acting from those young actors.

Ming Z.

Spoiler Level: none

I liked how it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Decent story. Nothing too original though.

Matt M.

Spoiler Level: none

It was great! I thought the movie was adorable.

Dana H.

Spoiler Level: heavy

God, this movie was so cute it hurt. Such lovable characters (sporty dad who cries, candid teacher who doesn’t put up with BS, mysterious email pen-pal) and a fairy tale ending.

I’ve watched teen rom-coms that made me cringe because of bad acting and predictable story lines, but ‘Love, Simon’ did a pretty good job of keeping me engaged and surprised me a few times! There were a lot of details that I liked: the actors actually looked like teenagers, the humor referenced modern pop culture, and there was a good use of body-language to give us an idea of the characters’ respective relationships and motivations. Also, it was nice to see a movie poke jabs at teen movie tropes - like in one scene, a kid announces his love for another student in front of the whole school on the football field. It’s painfully awkward. No one is excited. No one is happy. No one congratulates that kid. Here’s to the painful reality of life, bud.

My criticisms are mainly on the acting - some of the younger actors were a bit over-the-top with the way they said their lines and it felt like I was watching a high school play. And, of course, any movie with a group of young, best friends has to overplay their relationships. There’s a scene where a group of four best friends are in a car, dancing, and laughing with each other which was a bit too much.

But overall, the movie is sweet, cute, and funny. ‘Love, Simon’ uses some clever story-telling techniques and did a good job twisting my emotional tubes. I really liked the characters. I really liked the ending. This movie made me cry, several times.

Celine Y.

Spoiler Level: mild

I can describe this movie in two words: fucking adorable. Let’s delve into the bad before the good though:

I don’t like the “I’m just like you” trope they were pushing. Simon’s not “just like us”. Take away his secret, and he still has a picturesque childhood. Car? Lattes every day? Large house? Loving, supportive parents? No money problems? We know Simon’s not just like us, yet they try and tell us he is throughout the movie.

Some of the actors were just okay. They didn’t feel incredibly natural. Fortunately, those characters also didn’t get too much screen time.

Now for the good: this is a fairytale romcom. It is a good fairytale romcom. We know love doesn’t work the way it does in romcoms, but they make us feel good. They make love feel magical.

Most of the actors felt very real and relatable. They made real mistakes. No one was perfect. Heck, Simon acted selfishly cruel at times, but humanly so. He was also helplessly oblivious at times, as one would expect of a high-schooler anyone in love. The movie portrayed this wonderfully. The characters’ body language spoils a lot of the movie if you pay attention.

My favorite thing about the movie was how Blue changes based on Simon’s imagination in a very real way. He’s dying to know Blue’s identity. The moment he thinks someone might be him, his imagination immediately goes wild, projecting Blue’s personality onto them. This keeps the movie from being completely predictable, as the movie does a great job of having the men send very mixed signals.

Also, fuck Martin.

Jonathan P.

Spoiler Level: none

‘Love, Simon’ is a teenage rom-com movie which centers itself around Simon, a gay teen - not a genre addressed by mainstream cinema before.

The movie has a good dose of humor and does a great job in representing the genre it’s without delivering in a ‘stereotype’ way.

The actors were largely great, despite some of their characters feeling somewhat hollow (namely Simon’s childhood friend, played by the main actress from 13 reasons why).

Definitely worth a watch.

Alex L.


Overall, the group rating is ★★★★☆. Most of us enjoyed the film. Although it definitely has its awkward / cringy moments, the movie’s definitely worth watching. You can see what we did at the meetup here.

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