Meetup: Rampage

For $8 in NYC, our group watched Rampage and went out to Woorijip.

Jonathan Perez

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On Friday, April 20, we watched “Rampage” together. You can check out our group’s movie review here!

I take back what I said about 15+ being the norm now. I underestimated how much the movies mattered to the attendance rate, since I myself do this for the social aspect of the meetup.

Regardless, eight people (one person didn’t want to be photographed) is a little easier to manage, especially when plans go awry. I’d initially planned on going to Pok√©works or Izakaya Mew, but the former was closed, and the latter had a long wait. We ended up going to Woorijip instead.

Group photo at Woorijip -

At Woorijip

$7.50 for a tiny water bottle, sushi, and fried chicken isn’t too bad. Definitely not a top-choice place for food, but not a bad backup plan for when things are closed and you’re on a budget. I’ll probably try another place if I’m down in the area again though.

Food at Woorijip -

Food was a'ight

No midnight crowd tonight–I’m a bit busier these days. We stayed out until around 11:30 PM or so.

Overall, the night was fun! I thought the movie was alright, and several members really enjoyed it!

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