Meetup: I Feel Pretty

For $10 in NYC, our group watched I Feel Pretty and went out to Los Tacos No. 1.

Jonathan Perez

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On Friday, April 27, we watched “I Feel Pretty” together. You can check out our group’s movie review here!

You might be wondering why some of our members are dressed up in Avenger’s cosplay for a chick flick. Well, the answer is those guys in costume aren’t actually members, but that Deadpool costume was too damn cool to not pose with.

This meetup confirms the whole people-sign-up-for-the-movies thing. 10 people canceled after seeing what the movie was. Whether it was due to the movie itself, or due to other unrelated things and coincidentally was just this high, I don’t know. Regardless, people missed out.

I can kinda understand why people canceled on this movie. Amy Schumer isn’t the most popular comedian (I don’t enjoy her standup myself), and it looked like the movie wasn’t gonna be that great. Honestly, I wasn’t even planning on scheduling it. Dana requested we watch either this movie, or Truth or Dare, and there was no way in hell I was gonna schedule that flaming garbage, so I checked out the trailer for what I figured would probably be an unpopular movie. The YouTube comments were super misogynistic. Seriously, it was like going down Trump’s Twitter feed. Reading them made me want to enjoy the movie out of spite. Chill with all the hate 2018.

Anyways, people missed out. I forgot to take a picture of the seats, but Regal Cinemas E-Walk 13 & RPX has some comfy seats. They’re the leather reclining ones that you could just nap in.

After the film, we went to Los Tacos No. 1.

Food at Los Tacos No. 1 -

These are my favorite tacos

Seriously, if you’ve never tried this taco place, give it a go. Hands-down the best tacos I’ve ever had. Go with the beef “quesadillas” (in quotes because they’re literally just tacos with cheese). Pork and chicken tacos are good, but just okay when compared with the beef ones. Beef ones are in a league of their own.


Yay, we had fun!

I’m glad the people who showed up were regulars. I’ve been a bit brain-dead during the last few meetups from how hectic the past couple weeks have been. It was nice not having to worry about the conversation or making sure everyone found the group. Again, no midnight crowd. Probably won’t be until my schedule clears up (unless other people take the initiative to carry things on after I head out).

Overall, the night was fun! I thought the movie was better than expected, and everyone else enjoyed it! Except Alex, but if you look at his reviews you can see he’s a bit of a hater. Also, I can’t really blame him for falling asleep in those comfy-ass chairs.

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