Meetup: Beirut

For $9 in NYC, our group watched Beirut and went out to Francesco's Pizza.

Jonathan Perez

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On Tuesday, April 24, we watched “Beirut” together. You can check out our group’s movie review here!

Attendance this meetup crawled back up again. Glad it did for this movie, ‘cause it was one of the better ones we’ve seen so far. Also glad the movie was good – I’ve been getting a little burnt out from doing this weekly.

After the film, we headed over to Francesco’s Pizza. I’d been here once before before I started blogging about the meetups, and was craving one of their calzones that I had yet to try.

Calzone at Francesco's Pizza -

Mmmmm... cheesy goodness

I split a calzone with Celine and got a half chicken with a half cheese. Glad I did. The cheese calzone had enough for both halves, and it really hit the spot.

Group at Francesco's Pizza -

The group posing for a photo

Everyone was so into the conversation during the social, I couldn’t get anyone to look at the camera for the group photos.

Group at Francesco's Pizza -

Everyone totally pretending to talk

Really, I couldn’t. Even in this photo, Sanjay was looking past me at Collin, who was heading out then. Wish I’d written this the night of, rather than waiting a week, so I could share a bit of what we talked about.

Still busy these days, so the meetup ended at around 11 PM. Probably a good thing to do on a Tuesday night anyhow.

Overall, the night was a lot of fun! I thought the movie was great, and most members really enjoyed it!

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