Review: I Feel Pretty

Group review for I Feel Pretty, directed by Abby Kohn. ★★★★☆ 4 star rating.

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I Feel Pretty Radar Pictures

Before I get into the review, I feel like I have to address all the hate and “controversy” surrounding this film. Honestly, I think it’s insane that a romcom is controversial for merely including Amy Schumer and talking about self esteem. Some of the reviews I’ve seen online mirrored the comments I saw on YouTube, where one person would say she’s “too pretty” for the premise to be believable, and the next saying she’s “disgusting”.…

Review: Love, Simon

Group review for Love, Simon; directed by Greg Berlanti. ★★★★☆ 4.1 star rating.

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Love, Simon 20th Century Fox

Very positive and great humor. I particularly like how they handled every time Simon thinks he found Blue and filmed out his imagination, added a bit mystery to the movie.