Moviepass Moviegoers

Welcome to Moviepass Moviegoers! Every week, we watch a movie and have a wallet-friendly social. After the event, I collect and post group reviews from our members and blog about the meetup.

You can join us here!

Each of our reviews will have a “spoiler level” indicating how bad the spoilers are. They are as follows:

  • NONE: No real spoilers here! At most, it contains quotes straight from the movie.
  • MILD: Verifies or denies the existence of small things. Spoils plot items that can be inferred from the trailer.
  • HEAVY: Plot spoilers. Also verifies, but does not spoil, large plot twists.
  • COMPLETE: Nothing is sacred. Read at your own discretion.

These are very subjective, so proceed with caution if spoilers are important to you.

Group reviews will be sorted from least to most spoilers.